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Get your greasy fingers off my TV!

Just got a press release from Westinghouse Digital Electronics.

According to a survey, here’s what people want in a future TV:

Voice recognition

Touch Screen

120hz Refresh Rate


Energy Conservation

Built In DVR

Built In DVD


Do you really want to talk to your set—and risk having the same frustrating exchanges you have with automated voice recognition on help lines? Will the TV apologize when you scream: I TOLD YOU TO TIVO MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, AND YOU GAVE ME BOB SQUAREPANTS! Or maybe it’ll answer, telling you to swallow the guacamole before issuing commands.

And who wants a touch screen on one of these big new TVs? If anyone puts a greasy fingerprint anywhere near mine, I’ll get even madder than when the TV misunderstands my orders.

Steve Ballmer, Power Forward
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