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Detoxing your office

For BW’s recent double issue focusing on the future of work, I got to spend some time talking to office designers, scientists, and health experts about what can make offices — and their workers — “sick”. Detoxing your office, I learned, demands something closer to a renovation than a redecoration, but then again, doesn’t necessarily require anything so ambitious or costly as the construction of a whole new green building (though that would be nice). The simplest prescription is to substitute natural materials for synthetic ones wherever possible, whether in carpets or furniture. Even moving printers & copiers to highly ventilated areas can help. The coolest tricks I found have all involve “daylighting”: delivering more sunlight into workspaces so electric lights can be shut off. It saves electricity, sure. More important, people (like plants) are happier and healthier in with natural light. Check out more details here, “Healing our sick offices.”

We Almost Lost the Nasdaq

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