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Skype Outage Like a Moon Launch

I feel like the saturation point of information about this Skype Outage is like what you would expet from a moon landing. Except what I know is that it’s only because I am looking at it through my tiny little viewfinder, which is techmeme and the tech blogs that I have signed up for. All coverage all the time abut something that really is only important in its minute details to a small percentage of people is the reality of our world. As is the reality that Skype is hardly the level of relative sophistication as the moon launches were at their time. In fact, it’s pretty creaky technology at the best of times, and that’s ok. It’s not a criticism.

It’s just that 40 years after moon launches dominated the airwaves and headlines with their technology, which defined mission critical, nowaways we have ok technology that dominates it’s little niche of the world. Because it can and because it’s important to that niche.

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