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Attend a trade show! Win a house!

I’ve gone to trade shows and conferences where the sponsors give you a goodie bag full of worthless tsochkes—key rings, beer huggies and T-shirts you’d only wash your car with. But, an Internet-based service that provides listings of foreclosed homes, is offering attendees of one of its upcoming “real estate investing” conferences (cost: $795) in late September the chance to win a house (presumably that was foreclosed upon) at an undisclosed location in the United States. Retail value: $75,000, insurance coverage not included. No picture of the house.

That’s one way to draw attendees. FWIW, I tried to see if this is one of those sweepstakes/drawings where you don’t actually have to purchase anything—y’know, like those when you were a kid where you didn’t actually have to buy the box of cereal to enter to have lunch with the Mouseketeers, but can just send in an entry on a 3x5 postcard, and you’re automatically entered—but doesn’t appear that’s the case.

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