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Obama wants you to come to dinner

Okay, fine, he wants you to give him some cash. And if you agree to donate as little as $5, you qualify to win the chance to be one of five people he has over for dinner. He delivers this invitation via video - you can find it on Youtube and on his Facebook profile. I??e watched it several times now because I think it?? an example of internet video that really works.

Here?? why: Obama is authentic yet unpolished. He sounds like a politician - which is good, because he is a politician. But the background is casual, the camera feels amateurish, and he stumbles a few times. I appreciate it. It?? not Hillary Clinton, whose videos feel more like traditional tv.

I spoke to Andrew Rasiej, cofounder of the Techpresident blog today, and he stressed that candidates haven?? really figured out yet that every camera is not television. Internet video is much much different. He pointed to UK politician David Cameron as a politician who really gets internet video. Check it out.

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