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Ivy Ross On Why Innovation Means Connection, Not Process.

A thanks to Diego Rodriguez at Metacool for pointing out this great interview in Ambidextrous Magazine with Ivy Ross.

Here are my favorite quotes:

??et?? face it. Everyone has everything. We??e not about price anymore. It?? about the connection you find with the object.?/p>

“I also believe that creativity and innovation are built around trust and freedom. Companies don’t get that. They think it is a process.”

“It hit me that the words about relationships, trust and finding the good in all of us was about bringing fearlessly female qualities to the corporation.”

“I think the future of design is not just designing the object. We are going to design entireties, entire entities.”

Ambidextrous is Stanford U’s Journal of Design.

Ivy Ross is right on. The feminization of business culture. The design of civic society. Trust trumping process. Connection over form. All very important concepts to me. You?

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