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The Royal College of Art in London has already made a name for itself with the Helen Hamlyn Centre (see our piece from a few months ago.) Today it announced the creation of a ??5.8 million ($11.5 million) multidisciplinary centre called Design-London at RCA-Imperial. It?? a collaboration between the RCA, Imperial College and the Tanaka Business School which aims to bring together the disciplines of design, engineering, technology and business. As the blurb puts it: ??esearch will explore how design can be more effectively integrated with business and technology to create world-beating products and services.?65% of the funds came from the Higher Education Funding Council for England, while the aim is for the unit to be self-sustaining within three years. It’s a solid commitment to education, and acknowledgement of the importance of design to business (and vice versa). Good way to start the week.

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