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Turns out I wasn't first to think of Dell buying RadioShack

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May 04, 2007

Turns out I wasn't first to think of Dell buying RadioShack

Peter Burrows

After posting a story on why this merger might make sense, I got an e-mail from Current Analysis analyst Samir Bhavani. Turns out he's been publicly stating this opinion for a year. Turns out he sits on a Dell advisory board, so he's told the company the same.

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I worked for AT&T when we opened stores all over the country. The people came in to use the washroom because they had our phone in their home. And then they would ask if we made house calls because little Sarah's phone jack was on the wrong side of the room.

We once had a computer store in our area that had black and white COW HIDE all over it. I don't think they sold leather furniture but they did not sell many computers either.

If Radio Shack wants to sell China Only. Let them.

I'm still buying Mexico and Panama.

Posted by: Carlo at May 6, 2007 08:41 AM

Later, Baby

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