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Men get hot, women get cold, men go bald

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April 05, 2007

Men get hot, women get cold, men go bald

Stephen Baker

Cognitive Daily came up with data showing that if men controlled the world's thermostats, we'd have cooler houses. More men go through life feeling hot, while women, on average, feel chilly. (Our 18-year-old son, back for spring break, is clearly gender inappropriate. He's been complaining non-stop that our house is "freezing." Of course he wears shorts and sandals...)

I can't vouch for the science, and in fact I seem to recall plenty of bald men striding through pre-air-conditioned history. But I still enjoyed this response to the hot/cold data:

Ever wonder why women don't lose their hair?... Men are causing their bodies to generate heat in an air conditioned and refrigerated world. Systemically causing their bodies to overheat. The excess heat is passed through the vent hole we call "male pattern baldness". Heat is the chemical process that causes the hair to degrade... Check out my website at

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