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FUND MANAGER: Michael Lippert, 40.TENURE: Analyst since 2001 and lead manager since early 2006.FORMER LIFE: Partner at Baker & Botts, specializing in intellectual-property law.STOCK THAT EXCITES ME: Apple (AAPL


"The new iPhone can grab a 5% or 10% market share. The switch to Intel (INTC

) chips will create faster computers with easier-to-use software. Macs don't have security problems.... That gives Apple an enormous opportunity."NEWCOMER TO THE PORTFOLIO: LivePerson (LPSN


"It makes software that allows company reps to chat with customers online. It launched a new product that helps convert clicks into sales. I've been following the company for three years, but I didn't own it until last December."COMPANY I'VE AVOIDED: (AMZN


"It's hard to be a unique general merchandiser on the Web, especially because of the phenomenon of shopping search engines which let consumers find the best price. Revenue growth has accelerated, but margins are going down. The company is buying growth by offering free shipping and is spending heavily on sales and marketing."CURRENT READING: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.AFTER HOURS: Plays in a basketball league. Training for his first triathlon. By Lauren Young

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