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Doerr Goes Green At TED.

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March 08, 2007

Doerr Goes Green At TED.

Bruce Nussbaum

Fresh from Jessi at TED:

whoa. John Doerr opened the morning with a call to action for everyone to make "going green" their next big thing. "It's stupied that we put water in plastic bottles in Fiji and ship it here," he said., and he punctuated each story with his fear: it's not enough. He brought along his daughter Mary, 15, and he directed his talk in part to her, speaking with passion about the fear he has for the future. His talk, like many TEDster talks, was focused on the positive. Wal-mart, for example, has made great moves to address the three largest energy drains in corporate America - heating/air con, lighting, and refrigeration. And by making the move, they forced their 60, 000 suppliers to focus on it as well. John said that if Wal-Mart were a country, it would be China's sixth largest trading partner. He said that going green "is the largest economic opportunity of the twenty-first century."

He also pointed out that Exxon Mobil generated one billion dollars a day in profits during 2005; they spent just 1.2% on r&d. And the Federal Government budgeted just one billion for renewables last year, a sum John lambasted as inadequate. John finished with the call to action that, I suspect, will inform the day. I'm afraid it's not enough, he said...personally get carbon neutral, join other leaders to create the political will, use your rolodex and your personal power to force your business and others to go green....and as he finished, he choked up. His daughter, Mary, was on hand for a hug.

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