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Flip to Flipper Nation

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February 02, 2007

Flip to Flipper Nation

Chris Palmeri

It's sign how far the housing boom as seeped into popular culture that one group of aspiring TV stars has put together an online series of Webisodes that play off America's fascination with real estate investing. Flipper Nation is an online mockumentary or as an email pitch I received calls it “The Office” meets “Flip This House.”

I can't vouch for the acting, but the shows do have their moments. A partner tape records the other, for "legal reasons." They invest in a three bedroom, two bath house or as they call it in mock real estate speak a "3B, 2er." My favorite line comes when one of the investors is giving real estate advice. "Paint yellow," he says. "People are friendlier when they see a yellow house."

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for mentioning my show. I don't know what you mean when you say "mock real estate speak." That is real investor lingo. I learned it on a DVD that I bought. A 3BD,2BA is called a "3buh2er" and a 4BD,2BA is called a "doubler." As in, you double your money when you flip it!!

You can catch more of my (and Richie's) wisdom at:!


Posted by: David Kimball at February 4, 2007 04:03 AM

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