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The Whole Aqua Teen Thing

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February 01, 2007

The Whole Aqua Teen Thing

Burt Helm

I know "ads as events" is a hot trend. "Ads as terrorist scare," may going too far, perhaps. Personally I've got to say that I'm surprised by the whole thing...if I saw these things on the way from Manhattan to Brooklyn my reaction would have been less "It's a bomb!" and more "stupid hipsters and their weird street art."

Is it wrong to say that this stunt actually ended up as a great PR hit for a little counter-culture cartoon that appeals to college kids? Of course I'm not saying anyone should implement this as some sort of guerrilla marketing strategy. I guess I'm "just sayin'" that given the way it turned out, Aqua Teen Hunger Force wins.

Our man Fine has thoughts too.

UPDATE: After looking at today's news coverage, I'm going to strengthen what I said in the last paragraph. Aqua Teen Hunger Force has performed the biggest PR coup in Boston since "Wake Up, Little Susie."

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