"Is Steve Job Untouchable?" (News & Insights, Jan. 15, 2007)

"Is Steve Jobs untouchable?" (News & Insights, Jan. 15) incorrectly said that Apple (AAPL) Inc. co-founder Steven P. Jobs is chairman of Apple's board. He is CEO and a board member but not chairman. At the time of the options backdating that Apple disclosed on Dec. 29 in its annual report, Apple did not have a chairman. But Apple's bylaws at the time stipulated that Jobs, in his capacity as CEO, preside over board meetings.

"Bankruptcy becomes Delphi" (News & Insights, Jan. 15) should have noted that Highland Capital Management's offer to buy Delphi Corp. (DPHIQ) out of bankruptcy includes a provision that all current shareholders can maintain their stakes in the reorganized company.

"China: Falling hard for Web 2.0" (Info Tech, Jan. 15) misstated the name of the venture capital firm backing Internet company Qihoo. The correct name is Highland Capital Partners (unrelated to Highland Capital Management mentioned above).

China's Killer Profits
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