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BMW’s iTease?


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Two weeks ago, an obscure teaser trailer on BMW’s corporate website site, not to be confused with, caught the attention of fans and bloggers. The promo featured a sleek sexy device, rapidly morphing in shape, and flashed some tantalizing tech specs: Bluetooth, USB, MP3, LCD screen, and so on. It was cool and, even better, vague.

AutoBlog was a “trifle confused.” “Was ist dis?” Jalopnik asked its readers. (The majority polled responded “a misguided attempt to enter the consumer electronics business.”) Turns out it was all a tease. No iDrive xp. No iCar. No bPod. The short was a cryptic preview of the newly released BMW 1 Series compact popular in Europe. The diminutive two-door hatch isn’t available in the States. For the moment.

Two days ago, Winding Road reported that BMW confirmed they were bringing the 1 Series stateside in 2008 – and with the 335i’s dope 3 liter twin-turbo inline-6 no less. Looks like the Volvo C30, Audi A3, and even the Volkswagen GTI are going to have some more muscular competition. But, let’s hope BMW keeps the vague marketing over in Europe.

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