"Habitat For Hustlers" (News & Insights, Nov. 20, 2006)

"Habitat for hustlers" (News & Insights, Nov. 20) should have identified the Williams couple as Theodore and Louise. Also, it should have noted that Habitat for Humanity International and EverBank have multiple work-out options for homeowners who are in financial trouble and that it can take several years of counseling and payment restructuring plans before a foreclosure is pursued.

"Napping your way to the top" (Executive Life, Nov. 27) incorrectly stated that Deloitte Consulting encourages employees to add a midday nap to their list of tasks. The company does not encourage employees to nap during business hours.

"Biggest reality bite" (The Best and Worst of 2006, Dec. 18) stated that annual sales growth for Whole Foods Market fell into the single digits in 2006. In fact, the company says it expects annual sales to have increased 19.3% in 2006. Also, the article should have said that CEO John Mackey's age is 53, not 52. BusinessWeek regrets the errors.

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch
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