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Now for Fido: Yoga and a double soy latte

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January 02, 2007

Now for Fido: Yoga and a double soy latte

Stephen Baker

Just came across this story about $130 massages for dogs. Sometimes it's easy to forget that dogs are different. They'll lap from a dirty puddle over bottled Vittel any day. They roll in rot. If I had an extra $130 for canine indulgence, I might consider patting Fido for free and sending a check to the local animal shelter.

01:14 PM


i used to talk to my chiropractor about my cats. they never need spinal adjustments. but look at their lifestyle. they stretch every few minutes, get plenty of sleep, know how to find a warm spot of sunlight, and can get a (free) back scratch any time they want. so i'm thinking, if your dog needs a $130 massage, he is working way too hard. take a deep sniff of something smelly and just chill out.

Posted by: schadenfreudisch at January 2, 2007 07:12 PM

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