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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

You’ve built your Web site chock-full of useful information and graphics, and now are patiently waiting for prospective customers to find you. That wait may be longer than you had hoped. Unless you have focused on creating compelling content that will appeal to your customers rather than your board members, your hard work may be for naught. To generate traffic to your site, you need to think like a customer and create content accordingly.

So, how can you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and what strategies should you employ?

To start, use "people-speak" rather than "tech-speak." Decipher the natural language terms and phrases that prospects and current clients use to characterize your business, and make sure these terms are included in your Web site copy.

Think about how you describe your company to your family and friends—what seems most compelling about your business? Stay away from general terms, like "real estate," that can attract hundreds of the wrong prospects. Rather, choose precise and relevant terms that aptly describe your business.

This will not only help to drive traffic to your site and increase sales, it will eliminate those costly yet irrelevant clicks from people searching for a similar—but unrelated—topic.

Edan Portaro

Vice-President, Sales & Business Development

InfoSearch Media

Marina del Rey, Calif.

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