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Visualizing The New Design School Survey.

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October 02, 2006

Visualizing The New Design School Survey.

Bruce Nussbaum

Check out this visualization by David Armano of the difference between B-school thinking and D-school thinking at Logic+Emotion. Scroll down a ways (but enjoy his first item as well). The image of two people--"D" and "B"--is pegged off the new D-school survey we just did--the first that focusses on schools and joint programs that teach design thinking, not design styling.

The more I work in the innovation space, the more I see the need for managers who know how to think differently. Increasingly, these folks get their education in the D-school space and in the joint programs that involve business school, engineering and design students who work in partnership to create things. Those "things" could be a new camera, a new financial service or a new business model. It's all in the way you create opportunity and satisfy needs.

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Bruce, thanks for the shout out. That was a good article.

Posted by: David Armano at October 2, 2006 11:19 PM

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