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Tribune and Los Angeles Times: The Lighter Side

I??l have more to say about the Tribune-Los Angeles Times situation in my next BusinessWeek column, which will go up on the Web late today. (UPDATE: It?? here.)

But Slate?? Jack Shafer already had great sport with the moguls who??e been muttering they??e interested in the paper, by daring to ask ??ho?? be the worst owner??/a> A quick taster:

What would [Eli] Broad’s L.A. broadsheet look like? The New York Times interviewed him in June and reported:

[‘]If the real estate billionaire Eli Broad had his way, the Los Angeles Times would run more photographs of donors at charity events. There would be fewer stories on movies and more about the city’s museums and classical arts. And it would champion civic projects, becoming, in his view, the glue to unite a diverse and fractured city.[‘]


More on this later, but do read Shafer now.

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