"Valley Boys" (Cover Story, Aug. 14, 2006)

The offices of, featured in "Valley boys" (Cover Story, Aug. 14), are located above those of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, not SF Weekly. Also, Digg's CEO, Jay Adelson (not named in full in the story) was former chief technology officer for data center company Equinix, not Equinex.

Because of a layout change in "The Great Corn Rush of 2006" (Special Report, Aug. 14, print edition), a photo caption referring to the Iogen fermenter should not have run.

"Call center? That's so 2004" (Global Business, Aug. 7) incorrectly stated that ICICI OneSource bought a call center in Ireland. In fact, the company has established new business process outsourcing facilities in Northern Ireland.

The Good Business Issue
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