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Inside Neverwinter Nights II

Neverwinter Nights II is easily one of the most anticipated titles for the PC market this year. And why shouldn't it be? You've got the teams that were behind Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale reuniting for what should be an incredible PC gaming experience. We recently had a chance to check out an updated build of the game at Atari's Spotlight event in Las Vegas and had a chance to talk to Chris Avellone, creative director and senior designer at Obsidian Entertainment, about the game and its many improvements.

First off, Chris spoke about the customization engine featured within the game. "The ramp-up on it, to be quite frank, can be a little steep. But we're putting a number of video tutorials in the game to walk the player through. It was a conscious option for the player because Neverwinter Nights 2 is such a mod-driven game. We do provide a number of options for the player, and that's part of the reason for it."

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