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Introduced by SCE World Wide Studios boss Phil Harrison as "one of the very few in our industry who can truly be described as a creative visionary" Mizuguchi spoke (in English) about his body of work since the early 90s, and what has inspired each game.

He also showed off the new puzzle game, Gunpey, which is similar in nature to Lumines, but uses lines instead of blocks, and appears to be significantly more daring in terms of on screen incidental graphics and music.

He also spoke about Lumines II. "We will be making announcements about the artists and music [that] we will be working with. I am also very interested in the network situation with PS3," he said.

Mizuguchi said gaming had been like a sponge for the last 30 years, sucking up influences from all aspects of entertainment, technology and culture. He said this was what had inspired him as an art student. "You can use influences from anywhere and create anything you like", he said. "There does not have to be any shape or format, all you need is inspiration."

He said that 99 Nights had been inspired by television coverage of the Iraq war, in which a multitude of opposing viewpoints are constantly being put forward by the media. Also, by a movie called Rashomon, in which different witnesses to a brutal crime tell a different story. The game allows players to view the same event from different viewpoints with compelling effect.

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