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China first for Nissan's global car

If GM bosses mulling over an alliance with Nissan and Renault want to see some benefits of platform sharing, they could do worse than take a look at the new Livina Geniss. Nissan yesterday announced plans to launch a “new family of global cars” over the next two years, led by the 1.8 liter, seven-seater (pictured above). Designed by Nissan in Japan, the Livina will be built on Nissan and Renault’s common B platform, which is currently underpins Nissan’s Micra and Renault’s Clio and Logan. In another nod to the future direction of the car industry, the new model, which will come with a CVT transmission and will debut at the Guangzhou motor show this month, will be manufactured and sold in China ahead of other markets. Not sure about the name, though.

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