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A must-read guide for CEOs, brand managers, and anyone trying to create passion in their customers.EXCERPT FROM SITE

People take the first step toward something they develop a passion for because: 1) There is a clear, compelling picture of what it might be like to be an expert at this thing. 2) There is a clear path to getting there. 3) There is an obvious and relatively easy first step.EDGE PERSPECTIVES WITH JOHN

Insightful writing and analysis on innovation and business strategy.EXCERPT FROM SITE

As offshore outsourcing moves to a greater focus on skill building arbitrage, we see a shift to "second generation" outsourcing .... networks of companies coming together under an orchestrator who brings together specialized talent to serve a client's

New business ideas and entrepreneurial trends assembled by 8,000 spotters around the globe. Bonus: searchable by date, industry, or key word.EXCERPT FROM SITE

The Laundress is a collection of high-end fabric detergents and care products....Rinse and repeat after us: "Any product or service can be upgraded to massclusivity or über-premium status!" By Jessie Scanlon

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