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Apple overtakes Dell in market cap...again

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May 09, 2006

Apple overtakes Dell in market cap...again

Peter Burrows

Yesterday, Dell Inc. was worth $61 billion, just about even with Apple. Today, after Dell's pre-announcement of yet another disappointing quarter yesterday, the tale of the market caps tips in Apple's favor: $60.78 billion for the crew in Cupertino, to $58.46 billion for the Austin-ites when I last checked.

This change in the PC pecking order isn't as surprising as when it first occurred this January. But it's still remarkable, given that Apple is one quarter of Dell's size. Then again, I think Apple may stay on top for a longer stint than last time. As I blogged about over at TechBeat this morning, Dell is clearly in fix-it mode now. Goldman Sachs analyst even used the term "freefall" to describe the state of affairs down in Austin. Apple, on the other hand, has seemingly countless potential ways to crank up its growth and profits--from an iPhone, to a big movie deal for iTunes, to more aggressive expansion into overseas markets where the iPod still doesn't reign supreme. And even if the new MacBook isn't being released today as many expected, it can't be too far off now.

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