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April 18, 2006

Need a Laugh? JibJab

Olga Kharif

JibJab, which created all those funny political cartoons, has just unveiled what it claims is the world's largest online depository of jokes. The site already has more than 25,000 videos, photos and written jokes submitted by members.

Clearly, the guys at JibJab see their franchise as more than a cartoon studio. The company started out making commercials for major brands, then branched out into making cartoons for mass consumption (lots of its cartoons ended up on Yahoo). Now, I think, JibJab is attempting to become the destination, the brand on the Web to go to to get a laugh.

Competition for online har-har-hars is stiff. Dozens of sites like collect funny videos. There's a ton of jokes on Comedy Central's Web site. Still, I think JibJab has quite a lot of name recognition. Now, let's just hope its jokes are funny!

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