"Follow My Money" (Personal Business, Mar. 6, 2006)

In "Follow my money" (Personal Business, Mar. 6), bloggers have $154,020.99 in debt, not $98,615.39.

In "Is the MBA overrated?" (B-Schools, Mar. 20), the name of a Hartford Financial Services Group (HIG) executive was misspelled. The correct spelling is David K. Zwiener.

In a table accompanying "China, savior of the Rust Belt?" (Government, Mar. 13), a saying used to express Chinese investors' caution was misquoted. The correct saying is: "The Chinese cross the stream by feeling the stones first."

In "Battling for the eyes of Texas" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Mar. 20), Verizon's TV service in Keller, Tex., downloads at up to 5 or 15 megabits a second, not megabytes.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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