"Should Directors Be Nervous?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Mar. 6, 2006)

"Should directors be nervous?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Mar. 6) incorrectly stated that Patrick McGurn, senior vice-president of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., said ISS's proxy recommendations typically swing about 20% of investor votes. That estimate of ISS's influence came from other sources.

"Low tide for Amazon?" (Inside Wall Street, Mar. 13) should have said that's (AMZN) excess cash on the balance sheet, not free cash flow, is $4.24 a share.

"Sony's iPod assault is no threat to Apple" (Global Business, Mar. 13) incorrectly stated that the new Walkman NW-A3000 would be the first Sony (SNE) Corp. digital music player with a hard disk drive to be sold in the U.S.

"Doll Wars" (Up Front, Mar. 13) should have noted that Mattel's (MAT) claim that Barbie "continues to be the No. 1 girls' brand" is true if you include all Barbie-branded toys.

"And baby makes...a market" (Books, Feb. 27) incorrectly stated that 30% of U.S. men are infertile. According to the Cornell University Center for Male Reproductive Medicine, 10% of all U.S. men attempting to conceive suffer from infertility, and in about 30% of couples who are trying to conceive, the man is the problem.

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