"Putting A Collar On Investment Risk" (Personal Business, Feb. 20, 2006)

In "Putting a collar on investment risk" (Personal Business, Feb. 20), the gain and loss calculations for each stock in the table take into account potential dividends, based on a company's recent payout history.

"Must love wing tips" (People, Feb. 20) incorrectly stated that has 8 million members. That number represents only profiles in the U.S. The site has 15 million members worldwide.

"Checking in? First pass the picket line" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 20) should have clarified that the Bureau of Labor statistics figure of $8.67 per hour was for union and nonunion hotel housekeepers, of whom approximately 90% are nonunion.

"Donations that suit the taxman" (Personal Business, Feb. 20) erroneously reported that a cancelled check can serve as documentation for a charitable deduction of $250 or more. Such deductions require written acknowledgment from the charity stating the amount of the donation and whether or not the charity provides any goods or services in exchange for it.

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