"The Future Of Outsourcing" (Special Report, Jan. 30, 2006)

In "The future of outsourcing" (Special Report, Jan. 30), the table accompanying "Hot players in the offshore outsourcing world," the No. 10 entry under Call Centers was misspelled. It is vCustomer Corp. (not Customer Corp.).

The Feb. 13 table of contents entry for the page 38 story, "Stung by stock options," reads: "As the SEC and Justice investigate ex-Brocade CEO Greg Reyes, he's suing the board." That is incorrect. It should have said he "may" sue the board.

In "Kick-start your career with MTV" (UpFront, Feb. 13), the correct name of the MTV Networks television channel for college campuses is mtvU. The broadband channel on the Web site is mtvU ??er.

"Candy's getting dandier" (Personal Business, Feb. 13) incorrectly stated that ethel's chocolate is available in department stores. It is available at Joseph Schmidt Confections are available at and in some department stores.

In "No union please, we're Wal-Mart," (Book Excerpt, Feb. 13) on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) in Canada, the reference to the U.S.-Canada border was incorrect. It is the 49th parallel.

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