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One Person's Garbage...

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February 20, 2006

One Person's Garbage...

Rob Hof

... is another person's treasure, or at least maybe something to sell on eBay. GarbageScout is a new site, still in early test mode, lets you post useful items (such as that lovely pair of men's shoes pictured above) that have been discarded on the streets of New York City. The idea is that you snap a photo with your camera phone and then send it instantly to GarbageScout. Then, it appears as a trashcan icon on a city map, complete with pop-up photo.

I especially like one of the suggested criteria for posting an item: "It should not, to your knowledge, be covered with a disgusting substance."

I wouldn't be surprised if enterprising souls soon expand the idea to other cities.

Spotted via AuctionBytes.

11:58 AM

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