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ESPN: leading mobile news service

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January 30, 2006

ESPN: leading mobile news service

Stephen Baker

I just got a release from M:Metrics about wireless news traffic. Sports site ESPN is the top source for news on the Wireless Web, with 4.9 million unique users. It beats out Yahoo!, which leads for news and weather.

Does this mean that our society cares more about sports than anything else? Or is it just that the time-sensitive nature of sports lends itself more than news to wireless access? Maybe the next round of presidential debates would get a bigger audience if the candidates debated while shooting hoops, perhaps playing a little game of HORSE or Around the World. I'm only half kidding.

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Steve I think you hit the nail on the head with the time-sensitive nature of the information.

Mobile is all about "need to know now" -- why else would we give people our cell phone numbers, sign up for mobile email, send/receive text messages. Mobile is about material communication.

Michael Moore highlights the male sports and sports statistics obsession in "Stupid White Men" quite nicely.

For me, I have turned off my Yahoo! Horoscope mobile alerts... it's just not a material piece of information worthy of randomly arriving in my phone :-)

I do have Desktop alerts notifying me of Blog postings, another time and cadence random event it seems, for key blogs I like to read. This way the notification of content drives me back to read the entry rather than counting on my own lazy reading and perusal habits.

Posted by: Ron Rasmussen at February 1, 2006 05:24 PM

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