Businessweek Archives Prepares To Feast On The Marrow Of All Competitors

Maybe not.

But new social network site, launched last April by two Jersey teens, already winning some attention from Jersey?? biggest and most mainstream media outlet.

One of the founders??avid Cook??ays stuff like ?? want to really crush?MySpace (see his profile at for more). Given that, and that he referenced the opening to “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” in’s launch announcement) indicates he already knows a thing or two about getting the world to take notice. (Pause for a minute to consider what you were doing at 16 or 17.)

2005 was the year social networking sites hit big; 2006 is the year many more players jump in. AOL is readying its own take on MySpace, to be built off its wildly popular Instant Messenger. How well will these guys be able to compete with the MyYearbooks of the world?

(Full Disclosure: I was once a Jersey teen myself.)

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