"Venture Capital's New Promised Land" (Global Business, Jan. 16, 2006)

The photo accompanying "Venture capital's new Promised Land" (Global Business, Jan. 16, print edition) was incorrectly captioned. It depicts Marc Verissimo, chief strategy officer of SVB Financial Group (left) and Hua Yuda, chairman of Shanghai Venture Capital (not Daniel Quon, senior vice-president, SVB Global), at the opening of SVB's Shanghai office.

"Curling up with a good e-book" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 9) misstated the total number of books sold by U.S. publishers worldwide in 2004. The correct figure is 2.3 billion; e-books account for just under 0.1% of that number.

In the Yearend Quiz (Up Front, Jan. 9), question No. 5 should have asked what Internet company launched a search for a new chef, not chief. The answer was Google.

In "The sage of Kansas City" ("Where to Invest," Cover Story, Dec. 26), the winning forecast was less than 0.1% lower, not higher, than the NASDAQ Composite.

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