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Baristanet, the local paper blog

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January 18, 2006

Baristanet, the local paper blog

Stephen Baker

Jay Rosen blogs a long essay by Debra Galant of Baristanet, my hometown blog. It's a nice intro into the dynamics of local blogging. Just as Debby says, Baristanet is quick, edgy. It picks up the buzz and creates lots of it. The posts are short and pithy.

Baristanet also picks up lots of ads, and they're now offering free classifieds. In a perfect world, Baristanet would spur our staid hometown newspaper, The Montclair Times, to liven up its act. My fear, though, (as a former weekly newspaper editor) is that the blog will kill it--leaving no one to cover the boring but necessary newspaper-of-record jobs like covering school boards and planning commissions.

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