Q&A: Large Trucks

What is a large truck?

Do large trucks have high crash rates?

Who dies in crashes involving large trucks?

Are multiple-trailer trucks more likely to crash than

single-trailer trucks?

Who oversees large truck safety in the United States?

Do truck drivers need special licenses?

Are there age restrictions on who is permitted to operate

large trucks?

Are young truck drivers at higher risk of crashing?

Is driver fatigue a factor in truck crashes?

What are hours-of-service rules (work hour limits)?

Have the new rules reduced fatigued driving?

How are hours-of-service rules enforced? Is compliance

a problem?

Can hours-of-service monitoring be improved?

Is the use of alcohol and other drugs among truckers

a big problem?

Are radar detectors legal in large trucks?

Are large trucks prone to rolling over?

Is defective equipment a factor in truck crashes?

How effective are truck brakes?

When were large trucks required to have antilock brakes?

What are truck underride crashes?

Can trucks be made more visible to other drivers at


Are Mexican and Canadian trucks allowed to operate

in the United States?

Toyota's Hydrogen Man

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