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A Misapprehension of On Demand

Am I totally wrong here, or is TiVo?? idea to make TV ads searchable a screwy misunderstanding of what on-demand is?

TiVo?? move is based around an advertiser?? ego-move??he assumption that ads are programming. They??e not. They??e pitches. They??e come-ons. They??e the noise TiVo was invented to skip. No one is going to hit a button in order to watch a Subway ad. No one watches car commercials to research their next purchase.

I read someone suggesting that the big??nly???onsumer application will be kids watching titllating beer commercials. (When I say ?? read someone suggesting,?it means “I can’t find it right now.”) Of course. It’s not like there’s a thousand places to see scantily clad women on the cable (or even broadcast) dial.

TV ads are the ad industry’s closest analogue to movies. But, unlike with movies, what gratifies agency types and marketers and what gratifies audiences is not the same thing.

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