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Teen Podcaster Gets Sponsorship

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November 19, 2005

Teen Podcaster Gets Sponsorship

Heather Green

Ok, so prepared to be jealous. Martina Butler, a 15-year old, just got an ad sponsorship for her three-month old Emo Girl Talk podcast from acne medicine Nature's Cure.

MobileCast Media, the ad agency that arranged the deal, is short on details, such as how much Nature's Cure is paying or how long the ad deal lasts. But MobileCast claims it's the first sponsorship to be landed by a teenager, all part of the intense interest to market to the increasingly hard to reach teen market.

Props to Butler. Still so much of this podcasting marketing seems to be about experimenting. It's hard still, with a lack of good measurement tools, to know what advertising on podcasting ads up to. Not that those tools aren't being developed, but it's still the wild west.

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