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November 02, 2005

Want a break from tech? Try Joel Achenbach's blog

Stephen Baker

Joel Achenbach, who writes a very humorous and insightful blog at The Washington Post, continues to attract loads of readers. In yesterday's post about dogs' instinct to paw after they pee, he harvested 289 comments. People live on his site. Check out the writing in today's post:

Also when I'm president I will sometimes invoke the little-known Rule 22 of the U.S. Senate, in which the galleries are cleared, the cameras removed, the lights darkened, and all the senators are locked in the chamber with no possible escape. They will have to stay there -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- until they apologize for being pompous and verbose. We will feed them under the door, and see how they like a flat diet of pancakes and flounder.

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