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Philadelphia Inquirer: The grim face of downsizing

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October 31, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer: The grim face of downsizing

Stephen Baker

For those who want a taste of life inside the strugging daily newspapers, read this post from the Philadelphia Inquirer's blogger, Dan Rubin. Lots of good stuff there, including his kicker. Reporters were asked: If the newspaper were a celebrity, who would it be? The reporters answered "Tom Hanks." The reader's perception? "Walter Matthau." The good news, I guess, is that Matthau had a wicked sense of humor. The bad news: He's dead.

For more on the Philly scene, look at this memo circulating at the Inquirer.

Notable excerpt:

QUESTION: There's a rumor that if the company gets a certain number of buyouts (40 or 50), they might stop at that and not do layoffs. Is that true, or just a rumor?

ANSWER: It?? a rumor.

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