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Movie: Wallace & Gromit

The amount of detail that went into creating the full-length stop-motion film Wallace &

Gromit is enough to raise hares.

While many of the brands in the film are puns (e.g. a Botch drill for Bosch, a Smug fridge for Smeg), a few real ones do slip

through. Hoping that fans are as "crackers for cheese" as the main character Wallace, Wensleydale Creamery takes full

advantage of its cameo.

On the other hand, the only producer of Stinking Bishop

cheese, also in the movie,sees its exposure


With Halloween slowly creeping up, The Fog has a good chance of being Number One next

week. If that's the case, we won't be squinting our eyes for brands in that one, since

they're usually scarce in horror films.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man

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