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Be an Unrelenting Marketer

Marketing isn’t an event as much as it’s a process. It’s the never-ending process of moving members of the universe onto your prospect list, then motivating these prospects to buy so that they can get onto your customer list, where they belong. When that happens, you will see why guerrilla marketers continue to be guerrillas. Your profits will rise as your marketing investment diminishes.

Because it now costs you six times as much to sell something to a new customer as it does to an existing customer, your marketing costs will go down because it costs you relatively so little to market to current customers. After all, 60% of your budget goes to them, and you already know who they are, where they live and work, what they like, what they want, what they need, and how much they’ll spend.

Jay Conrad Levinson

AuthorGuerrilla Marketing

The Good Business Issue
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