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Try 4info for sports scores, movies or... fuzzy astronauts

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October 06, 2005

Try 4info for sports scores, movies or... fuzzy astronauts

Stephen Baker

Just talked with Pankaj Shah, ceo of the mobile search company 4info. It's a service worth looking into.

Try typing out a query word or two and a zip code on your phone, and sending it as a message to 44636. (Those with fancier handsets can do it through e-mail or WAP) I tried Chinese 07042, and within moments was getting a list of Chinese eateries in Montclair, NJ. Pondering Primate writes how the 4info can fit into a mobile marketing campaign.

Proof that the service is cooking? CEO Shah says he saw late-night revelers in Hollywood searching the service for "shot" on their phones--and then guzzling whatever cocktail recipe 4info sent back. I just tried it on the Web site and was offered Fuzzy Astronaut, a concoction featuring vodka, peach schnapps and... Tang.

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