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New RSS search scans feeds by title

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September 26, 2005

New RSS search scans feeds by title

Stephen Baker

Try out this new RSS search from Surfwax. I spent five minutes on it, and it looks snazzy. It starts out by scanning feeds from the Feedster 500 blogs. But they've been kind enough to add us.

The blogging lessons from this service? First, it pays off to title posts accurately, even ponderously. Search services aren't keen on irony or nuance. Second, the rich get richer. In the beginning, at least, only top sites make it onto this index. But others can send Surfwax an e-mail ( asking to be included.

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In the same idea, you should check - it's a service that lets you monitor rss feeds for keywords or tags (a set of keywords grouped under a single tag). You can get the results via a real-time, dedicated rss feed or a daily email. And it does not only crawl the titles of the feeds, but also their content...

The funny thing is that I got to your post because I monitor the "rss" keyword via Atiki...

Posted by: PierreS at September 27, 2005 03:26 AM

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Posted by: Ken at January 8, 2007 06:48 AM

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