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September 23, 2005

Thought of the day.

Bruce Nussbaum

Are blogs the new unions? In a good way. Are blogs a new countervailing force within corporations battling bureaucracy, hierarchy, lethargy and entropy? Given the role of blogger mini-Microsoft in fomenting needed change at Microsoft, it is a broad strategic question that top execs should seriously consider. Mr. mini is clearly a dedicated employee who loves his company and wants to shake it up to make it better. His ideas on battling bureaucracy are usually thoughtful and useful. As we move toward a creative economy based on continuous and rapid innovation, bloggers can play a tremendous role in driving organizational change. They may be much closer than their managers to problems, solutions, new technologies, new paradigms. Not listening to your bloggers may be the biggest managerial mistake being made today. Instead of hunting them down and firing them, companies should be listening to their bloggers. Good bloggers can give companies a competitive edge.

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