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Transporter 2

It certainly could be argued that Audi was the most

diverse star of Transporter 2. It even got itself in the

film's poster. This represents a huge loss for BMW, which

had been the star of the first Transporter in 2002. Like

Audi, BMW had even made the poster. Audi reportedly paid

no cash for this placement, and it is smartly leveraging

the attention on its website and a kick-butt micro-site.

The carmaker wasn't alone this week though, being joined

by Heineken, Hummer, Porsche, Lamborghini, Dunkin' Donuts

and Panerai (reprising its role from the first film).

Nokia also had several prominent scenes. But the awesome

integration of Apple's iPod into the narrative was Audi's

only real challenger for best of show.

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