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Microsoft's Not So Mini Gadfly

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September 16, 2005

Microsoft's Not So Mini Gadfly

Heather Green

As part of the cover story he did on Microsoft and why it's losing some key talent, BW reporter Jay Greene did a story on the Mini-Microsoft blogger that's well worth the read. We also have a podcast about the package.

The profile anonymous blogger at Mini-Microsoft shines a light on the double-edged sword of corporate blogging. Microsoft rightly has gotten a lot of kudos for how it has adopted blogging and how that has helped soften the company's image. But that blogging culture also allows employees to air and discuss griefs that in the past might have remained more private. It's an evolution of the watercooler that's full of risks and new boundaries.

I wonder if the anonymity will work for Mini-Microsoft. Are there other employee gadflies who are taking a different approach?

Here's the bottom line, though, as Jay writes in his story.

"So why risk a career to vent about his employer? "There was a recent post by a guy who said he used to bleed Microsoft blue. That's how I was too," says Mini, who does indeed have a Microsoft blue badge, the type given to full-time staff. "Microsoft has been wonderful to me. I really want to improve it. I really want to make a difference."

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Hi Heather, I'm also finding this peak at the double-edged sword of corporate blogging, well... riveting. Loved the Deep Throat meeting in Starbucks.

Posted by: Debbie Weil at September 19, 2005 03:55 PM

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