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Search tagging: What if some blogs are hogs?

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September 12, 2005

Search tagging: What if some blogs are hogs?

Stephen Baker

Steve Rubel points out that in the new Technorati blog-finding system, he could rank as the top-rated knitting blogger if he just chose to tag himself as a knitter. He proposes a system that catalogs the blogs by the words they use. In other words, trust software, not tagging.

Fact is, spammers can game both systems. They can tag their blogbots for anything they want, and they can harvest keywords to their electronic hearts' content.

Steve's right about humans. Many will sign up for every area where they can score well, even if it doesn't match their blogs. Reminds me of swimming at summer camp many years ago when I signed up for a breaststroke race and won it with the butterfly.

I'll be traveling most of the day, but hope to blog (sporadically) the rest of the week from the West coast.

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