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Sploid Redesign

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September 09, 2005

Sploid Redesign

Heather Green

Nick Denton's Sploid tabloid blog has been redesigned and I like it. The list of stories is done in blocks, and when it comes to photos you mouse over them to get a get a brief description of the stories they link to.

This presentation of photos reminds me of the Rocketboom archive, which really struck me when I first saw it as at clever way to thumb through past videos.

And it makes me wonder whether we're seeing the beginning of a template for creating a table of contents for video or blogs that people will soon begin to copy. Remember how everyone in the early days of directories copied Yahoo and then Google and how those different design sensibilities affected sites across the Web? (Via Blog Herald)

11:29 AM

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Hmmm...all those little blocks hurt my eyes.

Posted by: PXLated at September 10, 2005 02:13 AM

I like the new Sploid too. I believe Gawker Media is still doing the site in Movable Type, and this sort of shows that MT is effective for producing even something which has moved pretty far from what is typically regarded as a "blog" site. It's funny how the site now resembles the Drudgereport even more after the redesign. They were trying to challege Drudge for news traffic with a blog, but now they've moved to a format that looks almost exactly like Drudge but with more whistles and bells and an archive, maybe proving that the best producer of a Drudgereport was Matt Drudge all along. Just for pure ease of reading and effective use of screen space, Drudge still wins in my opinion, though I find Sploid's headlines to be funnier and less stridently right-wing than Drudge.

Posted by: Yo-yo at September 12, 2005 01:22 PM

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